UK Approved Trainers

The Bethel Sozo ministry continues to grow and whilst growth is a good thing, it is important to preserve the integrity of the Sozo tools and deliver the training competently and in keeping with Sozo Core Values.

To help the ministry remain true to those values and preserve the integrity of the tools, there are authorised and competent trainers appointed to deliver the Basic Sozo and some of those trainers also teach at the Advanced Sozo training events.

The following people can carry out Training for Bethel Sozo in the UK;

Christine and David West

Christine and David West – The Table Church, Norwich
Basic Sozo Training
Advanced Sozo Training

Christine and David West lead Bethel Sozo in the UK and have considerable experience in Bethel Sozo gained over more than a decade of Sozo ministry.

Christine has been married to David for over 35 years and loves being a mum to 3 boys, Paul, Marc and Adam and ‘Nana’ to 4 wonderful grandchildren.

Armed with a Bachelor of Divinity from King’s College London and a teaching qualification from Roehampton University, she embarked on a career teaching Religious Studies in a variety of senior schools for some 30 years.

Christine was then “head hunted” to be the Education Liaison Manager for an International Aid Charity. She says that visiting impoverished townships in Africa was, “life changing”.

She eventually left this post to look after her elderly parents who are now “having a party in heaven”.

Alongside her decades of passion for the prophetic ministry, Christine has been pastoring people in various leadership capacities for over 30 years. Her passion for seeing people live whole & free, almost inevitably, led her to the first ever Bethel Sozo Training event in the UK back in 2008. Since then, Christine has thoroughly enjoyed training church teams and mentoring Sozo practitioners across the UK and occasionally internationally. She says that what she loves about Bethel Sozo is, “…the freedom that it facilitates, seeing people more intimately connected to Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. It is a joy to see people leaving their Sozo session free from the lies that have shut them down and the unhealed wounds that have held them back”.

David, not surprisingly, has been happily married to Christine for over 35 years – for which, he says, she gets all the credit! Having trained as a teacher, David chose a career in Human Resources eventually becoming HR Director for a Global Logistics business. In early 2010, David was Chief Executive of an International Aid Charity in the UK serving schools in the poorest parts of the world, mostly in Africa.

Having a passion for the Prophetic for the past 25 years has made that his ministry focus. His vision is to train, coach & release others into greater levels of gifting creating a prophetic culture across the whole church – rather than a group of gifted specialists.

David first encountered Bethel Sozo in 2008 at a UK Basic Training course run by Dawna & Teresa from Bethel, Redding. Sozo has brought David new levels of personal freedom that had previously eluded him and transformed the way that he ministers both in prayer & prophetically.

David’s experience in business and the not for profit charity sector means he will also have responsibility for governance, finance and charitable status of the Bethel Sozo ministry in the UK.

Anthea and Darrell Cocup

Darrell & Anthea Cocup
Basic and Advanced Sozo Training
Sozo for Couples Training

When Darrell and Anthea went to their first Sozo conference back in 2009 neither of them in their wildest dreams would have thought that 15 years later they would be in full time ministry, travelling around the world teaching Sozo and about inner-healing generally, and with their friend and fellow facilitator, Liz Gregg, heading up Sozo for Couples. It’s been a fun journey.

They are passionate about helping people become whole hearted, knowing their authentic self, the person God created them to be and to fully embrace what He’s called them to do. They believe this is what freedom looks like, loving God with all of our heart, loving others and loving ourselves.

Darrell is also the author of the post-Sozo devotional, ‘Wonderfully Free…no going back’, now available in five languages, as well as a number of other inner healing related books. With Liz, he is also author of the ‘Starting Out’ pre-marriage manual and course. Darrell and Anthea lead the Life Church Bath Sozo team. Their ministry site can be found at

Liz Gregg

Liz Gregg – Celebrate Church, Bradford
Basic Sozo Training
Advanced Sozo Training

Liz, a trained counsellor, church leader and director/ founder of Celebrate School of Supernatural Ministry, lives to see people step into the fulness of their identity in Christ. She does this through running a supernatural school, hosting and speaking at conferences alongside sozo ministry and mentoring.

Born and brought up in the North of England she enjoys walking whether by the sea or in the mountains. She has 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren.

Liz is the UK Financial Sozo director sitting on Stephen De Silva’s core team as well as being one of the founders of Sozo for Couples. Liz has coauthored a number of books including Kingdom Finances,  Starting Out for marriage preparation , Going deeper – a devotional for married couples and the Sozo for Couples manual. She trains basic, advanced, Financial Sozo and Sozo for Couples.

Lori Arnott Lawlor – Harvest Ministries, Birmingham
Basic Sozo Training

Clare & Mervyn Suffield – Winchester Vineyard, Winchester
Basic Sozo Training

We have been involved in running Bethel Sozo ministry in Winchester Vineyard for over ten years now and are also a Resource church offering training and mentoring to other churches.

We continue to be delighted and blessed with Sozo prayer and with the help and support of a great team have seen many lives changed, healed and liberated using the ministry tools under the power of the Holy Spirit. We continue to be amazed at the deep connection people can find with Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit empowering them to fulfill their destiny and calling.

We have both carried a vision for many years to see ‘broken hearts healed and captives set free.’

Our backgrounds are in healing as Mervyn was a GP and Clare a Psychotherapist and we have 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren.

We also run the ‘Streams of Hope’ ministries in the church that offer a variety of healing approaches”.

Rev Tandy Ruoff

Tandy Ruoff – Ilfracombe, Devon
Basic Sozo Training

Revd. Tandy Ruoff is married to Mark who is also an ordained minister, and they have four amazing children. Tandy and Mark have been in full time Christian ministry for over 20 years and have a passion to see revival. They both love leading in many aspects of church life and have a heart for the apostolic and prophetic, and to see each person fulfil their God-given destiny.

Tandy is the author of “Sozo for Families” and “Encountering God with your Senses” and has been involved in children’s ministry for over 25 years. Tandy longs for all children and young people to have an opportunity to encounter and experience the unconditional love of Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. She wants both the young and old to hear the voice of their Heavenly Father speak to them and receive truth to replace every lie the enemy, the world or they themselves have spoken.

Tandy is currently a School Chaplain and serves as a priest on a Sunday in her local community, alongside her exciting role as UK Facilitator for Children’s Bethel Sozo. She has worked with several churches training and releasing them in Bethel Sozo ministries over the past ten years and is excited to see a new team raised up in Devon where she now lives.

Tandy also has a passion to see children become radical disciples of Jesus. She longs to see children and young people living in complete freedom while transforming their communities around them. As a former prison chaplain, she witnessed transformation happening by teaching people to lead a lifestyle of forgiveness. She truly believes this is possible in our homes, churches, communities, towns, cities, and nations! 

Tandy truly believes transformation begins with family and that starts in the home! As parents teach their children to forgive and to take time each day to stop and be still they will be giving their children not only tools for encountering Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, but also equipping their children with the tools needed for spiritual warfare in the years to come!

Helen Balfour
Basic Sozo Training

Helen was raised in a Christian home and learnt inner healing at her father’s knee, John Bedford ran his own inner healing conference, and told her so many wonderful stories of freedom as she grew up.  He taught her that the best place in the world is curled up in the Father’s lap. 

Helen picked up her first Bethel Sozo Manual out at Bethel in October 2006 and eagerly awaited the first training with Dawna and Teresa at Town Church in 2008.  At that Training she had her first Sozo with the Bethel Team, she was hooked.

It has been her privilege to help many on their Sozo journey.  Helen has been training Bethel Sozo Basic since 2010, got her first certificate in 2011 and loves to mentor people into being a confident and capable “First”.  As a Basic Trainer she helped to host the first Training for Trainers in 2012.  So many of her Peckham church family have fled genocide in Sierra Leone, Northern Uganda or Nigeria so she is especially practiced in using advanced Sozo techniques with trauma victims.   She runs a monthly mentoring group that is open to all Sozo practitioners.

Alison Lennie – Moodiesburn Church, Glasgow
Basic Training

Alison, now retired, is married to Stuart and has two children and two grandchildren.
Alison has worked in the Christian sector for 35 years. Her heart has been to see people healed both physically and emotionally and freed to be all that they were created to be in Christ.

Trained in Christian Counselling she has been using a variety of counselling and discipleship methods to draw people deeper into relationship with Christ. In March 2008 whilst attending the School of Transformation at Bethel Church Redding California, she was introduced to Sozo. Although the basic principles of what was taught weren’t new to her, the tool belt given by Sozo and the speed at which it worked so impressed her that she went back to Scotland and started building a Sozo Team.

Alison worships at the Moodiesburn Church of Scotland in Glasgow. She runs Basic Sozo Training Courses mostly in Scotland.

Ruth Martin – Kings, Inverness
Basic Sozo Training

Ruth’s desire is to see people come into a deep relationship with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Thus, released to walk in freedom and to attain the destiny that God intends for them. Ruth was born in Northern Ireland, from a family involved in healing through God and medicine. She trained as a nurse, worked in Africa and then a district nurse , midwife and health visitor in Scotland. She is married with two grown up children and one granddaughter.

She is an elder in the Church of Scotland and helps with a vulnerable group of people. Her Sozo partner Diana Turner discovered Sozo at a CLAN Gathering and brought it to Inverness where Ruth joined her. They also attended training with Dawna & Teresa in Glasgow. Using Sozo tools shows what an amazing and wonderful God we have.

Lesley Helfer

Lesley Helfer – Community Church Edinburgh
Basic Sozo Training

Lesley began her Sozo journey in 2009 going on to attend training run by Donna Desilva and Teresa Leibsher when they visited Scotland. After a period of mentoring from Gaynor Martin, she now runs a Sozo team at Community Church Edinburgh, her church for over 20 years.

She loves the gentle and respectful process of Sozo. Her heart is to enable people to be free to
make good choices and to enjoy the benefits of a closer connection to a good God.

She is married to Stephan and has five adult children. She has been an art teacher, a carer and loves to spend time in the hills.