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This page lists Bethel Sozo UK training and mentoring events notified to us.

Each of these events is the organisational and administrative responsibility of the host church, to whom you should address any questions.

Personal Sozo sessions are not available at these events unless specifically mentioned.

Online Advanced Training

The Advanced Sozo teaching draws from years of deliverance that Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher have progressed through. This training builds upon the Basic Sozo teachings and is meant to be a powerful resource for the furthering of your own deliverance/inner healing ministry.


27th November 10am – 3:30pm

Event speaker: Liz Gregg

Contact: 0755 7967889 /

Sozo is a church-based inner healing and deliverance ministry, that aims to get to the root of things hindering our close personal connection with God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

This training day is for those who have already been approved to run Sozo at the basic level. Over the training, individuals will be introduced to all the advanced Sozo tools which, together with experience, will enhance the quality of your Sozo sessions. The training will be delivered live with lots of online interaction and break out discussion and training rooms.

This training will include new material on Trauma – how to identify it, what are the effects and how to deal with it in a Sozo. It does NOT include Shabar training

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These churches not only have an established Sozo team, but they are led by an experienced Facilitator who is equipped to mentor other church teams.
In doing so they will have a network of churches that look to them for guidance & networking. They will also host informal meetings from time to time for those churches to fellowship, encourage, share experiences & update on best practice.

Churches running a team or interested in starting a team are free to connect with a Facilitator of their choice, those connections are relational rather than geographic.

If you want to start the Sozo ministry in your church, contacting a Facilitator would be a good first step.