Their own stories in their own words

These testimonies have been edited to protect the identity of the people concerned. They are published with their permission.

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Bethel Sozo UK supports Keys Community Detox a charity that has a 3-fold approach to recovery; Spiritual – Medical – Community Support.

This is one addict’s testimony about the part that a sozo session played in his recovery journey

A good God lifts off dread & anxiety

“I woke on Sunday morning without the feeling of dread and anxiety – I feel light, comforted and content. My greatest breakthrough was how I perceive Father God. I have always approached God as I would my Father. I would go to see my Dad but have never felt good enough, Dad makes me feel like a failure, he never helped me and consequently I have had to make the most of what I have. I learnt my Heavenly Father is not like that – my head knew it but now my heart does too. As we prayed, I saw how deeply He loves and cares for me, how He has always been there surrounding me with His love and protection. Daft as it sounds – it never occurred to me that God was mindful of me before I became a Christian.

This ministry time has been a turning point for me. A turning point I have longed for because I knew my life needed to change. I have benefited spiritually, mentally and physically as the lies I have been listening to have been exposed. Spiritually because I now see the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit are a lot closer than I ever imagined. God speaks to me and I feel as though the reset button has been pressed and I am able to recognize His voice – I had believed the lie that I was making it all up. Mentally because the anxiety, the feeling of dread and horrible churning feeling has gone. Physically because I am walking a lot better – the ministry didn’t stop when I left the Church. God showed me that as a child I had made crutches out of the sides of a cot and said I wished to be disabled probably so I would get attention. Over the years I have had trouble with balance and developed a fear of walking – God has healed me of that. Each step I take is a step towards wholeness. It never occurred to me that I could ask the Lord questions and He would reply!!! I know better now – the session showed me how easy it was. I am now listening for His voice. My heart now knows how easy faith is. The story of the man seeking healing for his servant in John 4:50 and takes ‘Jesus at His word’ comes to mind. I will be doing that because I am a child of the living God and every word and promise He has given is as much for me as for anyone else who will dare to believe.”

Working in the NHS – Struggling with Covid

“I had a face to face Sozo session a few years ago & I was not sure how this kind of prayer ministry would work over Zoom, but it was a really wonderful process and God dealt with a lot of deep things. I’m still absorbing all that happened. It feels like it will take a little time to get used to the new place I am in, without having to carry some of those heavy loads that had been weighing me down, without me really being consciously aware that they were even there. I had an image of Jesus taking the yoke from around my neck and putting it on His shoulders

I feel like I am beginning to walk into a new level of freedom over the next few days & weeks & months.

Thank you so much for your time & for your sensitivity in gently leading me through this process to clear some of the rubbish out of the way do I can walk more closely with God.”

Lockdown joy up a ladder

“I had no sense of a personal connection with Father God. Not only was it a good Sozo I felt I had a measure of freedom, “Hi Christine, I awoke at 3am, visited the throne room again and God told me I was not guilty. Thank you both.” (next day text)
Later in the week, I was working up my ladder singing and sensing the presence of God in very tangible ways.”

Isolated and experiencing physical intimidation and fear in lockdown

“I was being subjected to racist intimidation, the police have been involved. I felt lighter and free-er as a result of the Sozo and able to cope in a way that hadn’t been possible before. The issues had got worse during lockdown but as a result of the Sozo I felt able to face things and knew how to handle the situation going forward.”

Physical difficulty reading the bible

“I have been living in an experience of freedom such as I can never recall experiencing before – it is quite astonishing. Also, prior to the Sozo, when reading the bible, I would need to battle through up to forty minutes of heavy, sore eyes and overwhelming tiredness before it became easy. Now reading the scriptures are a joy and a delight from the first moment!”

The truth deals with a nightmare

“It was a journey into deeper revelation of God’s love for me. A glimpse into His heart for me. I was amazed at the gentleness and safe atmosphere of the session. I already love the Lord, but to give Him express permission to reveal and replace lies with His truth is deep and exciting for me. The night after my Sozo I had a nightmare relating to my childhood trauma, I awoke and applied the truths from my Sozo and went back into a deep sound sleep and have had no reoccurrences since! I am still amazed by the sensitivity and gentleness and wonderful appropriate prayers. I was so grateful to have words of truth written and handed to me at the end.”

New understanding brings new dimensions

“Throughout the sensitive and deeply loving connection process I experienced many ‘ah ha’ moments and a deeper understanding in relation to my past and present relationships…like a new aspect or new dimensions of known areas, new angles and enlightenments and very much a connection to alignment with God the Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit”

Joy replaces pain

“Having new truths about me, my family and God, Jesus and Holy Spirit upon which I can build my future. I was overwhelmed by God’s love for me and His presence. Sozo is life giving. It unlocks the past in a safe way. I met Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in a new way and was left with Joy, – not pain – and truth about me. My future looks much more attractive!”

Excited about the future

“Absolutely life changing with my relationship with Father God, Holy Spirit and Jesus. I had not been aware that I had unforgiveness and judgements in my heart and after simple, but meaningful deep ministry I was set free… where I had struggled all my life as a Christian (I had tried to get help over the years) I am now excited that I know God loves me and am walking in more and more revelation of God’s heart for me. I know I can use the Sozo framework to walk in greater freedom focusing on what He gave me in the Sozo session. Sozo was like a ‘deep cleanse’…I really would (and do) recommend Bethel Sozo highly, as personally I have experienced a tremendous turnaround in my life, which I am really excited about. It is so healthy and freeing to do as one can only walk into a greater freedom and joy!”

A spiritual spa

“My two hours receiving Sozo can be compared to going to a Spa, at times painful yet a deep cleansing took place. I felt I was entering the ‘movie’ of my life yet could clearly see how the Godhead was present throughout. I have such a confidence that for the rest of my life, although hard times may come, I will be carried knowing the unconditional love of my Father.”

A fear of public speaking

“I’ve had to do public speaking before and I’ve always had panic attacks and found it very distressing. During my Sozo Father God gave me a picture of Himself presenting me to people and showing them His delight in me. I’ve had to do two talks in the month following my Sozo and I’ve been aware of a little nervousness but overall I feel a quiet confidence, peace and Father God’s pleasure. The change is significant and people have noticed and want to know more about Sozo.”

A counsellor stuck in grief

“My first Sozo session was amazing!! I was set free from grief that I had been carrying for 44 years since the death of my brother when I was 15. He was only 21 and died of cancer but I had to be strong for my parents who were devastated, so suppressed all my feelings inside and did not deal with them. After responding to some more questions we realised that I had probably grown up in an atmosphere of grief, from my mother who had lost her fiancé in the Second World War. When Jesus was presented to me in a safe place (a garden) I could finally let go and release my brother to be with Father God. I felt a physical lightness immediately. Since my Sozo I have a new confidence in myself and joy is bubbling up from within again. I have reconnected with Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in a deeper way. I used to do a lot of counselling but see this as a God-given tool rather like a laser beam to get right to the root of what can be holding people in bondage. I am very excited to be part of a team in training to be able to facilitate it to others one day.”

From abuse fuelled hate to the bath

“I was abused from age of 4 but when I told my mum she didn’t believe her. My marriage was one of domestic violence closely followed by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I hated my body and could not bear to look at myself in the mirror. I would never have a bath – preferring a shower as quick as I could.

In my sozo session, forgiveness was followed by freedom. I Just found a new way of soaking in papas LOVE, relaxing in the bath listening to worship music, papas showing me how he sees me and how to love myself. I am off to go shopping to buy some bath bombs ??and maybe a bottle of wine, to relax in the bath. There is going to be a long line for the bathroom lol. Thank you again I feel so clean and fresh, walking into freedom”

From victim to victor

“I felt liberated during my sozo on the day, victorious. When I was praising God today I felt lighter and free. I even feel different about myself when I look in the mirror. I no longer have this feeling of disappointment and victimisation.”

Goodbye to shame and guilt

“I was carrying and holding a lot of shame, guilt and unforgiveness from events in my childhood, things that I now know I did not have any control over. I met with God in the most intimate way in my Sozo session and he just took all my shame and guilt away and showed me his heart and explained how important forgiveness is in healing and in growing in relationship with him. I feel free and have experienced what a Fathers love looks and feels like for the first time. The Sozo session was gentle, I felt held and safe which made talking about traumatic experiences easy. It was truly a life changing experience.”

Free from the shame of porn

“Through the Web I had become involved in hard porn. I was unable to sleep, had nightmares and was in poor physical health. I was brought up in a Christian home and attend a local church, but had never been able to share some of the stuff I had got involved in. I was grateful that the Sozo team seemed to have heard it all before and were able to reveal to me the root of my addiction and bring deliverance. Now released from shame and connected to the Holy Spirit, I can believe that God can use even a sinner like me. I give all praise to our wonderful Father God.”

Free from false guilt

“I had seemed to live most of my adult life behind a wall of guilt and under-achievement. My Sozo session revealed that I had believed the lie that I was responsible for my parents’ divorce. I had never seen this before and it was wonderful to hear my Heavenly Father actually speaking to me and releasing me into my destiny, and I am now learning to see myself as He sees me. Thank you Sozo team.”

Out of prison into Sozo

“I spent nearly ten years of my life in HM custody where I became a Christian. On my release from prison I had a Sozo session booked for me. I just went along not expecting much, but during the session I had a revelation that I was loved by God. I had always believed that I was unlovable, but now I can tell others that their lives really do matter and that Jesus is real and he can change you man, just as he has changed me.”

Utterly blessed

“I feel utterly blessed by the changes that are happening in life following the closure off some of the doors. Important relationships are hugely improved which is a testimony to friends who are not Christian and has opened up conversations about prayer with them. Two people that are close to me would both like a Sozo, this will transform their lives and many others around them as they share their testimonies. My spiritual life has been re-invigorated as my zeal for my relationship with God is blooming. I am reading a book on Intercessory Prayer that I have had for years and not been able to get into, now I am just soaking it up. My hunger for the Bible and my ability to both find the time and inclination to read it has increased tremendously. I Thank and Praise God for all of this and I am so grateful to you and Gilly for your time and your dedication in helping others like myself on our journey with God. May you both be hugely blessed by you do.”