Sozo for Families


By Tandy Ruoff

“Tandy has produced one of the most comprehensive Sozo Manuals using QR codes and YouTube clips to make this a very practical learning resource.“
David + Christine West, Bethel Sozo UK National Faciliatators

Available as: Training Manual


The Sozo for Families manual serves to strengthen your own relationship with your child whilst taking tools from Bethel Sozo, which have been specifically adapted for children and youth. It provides a framework that through art, music, prayers and silence each child is invited to deepen their personal relationship with the Trinity.

Children are guided gently to communicate directly with God the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit; learning tools which enable them to walk in the freedom and fullness of life won for them by Jesus Christ.

This manual is for everyone:

  1. Parents, godparents, and extended families
  2. Pastors, youth, and children’s workers
  3. Blended families
  1. Single parenting
  2. Families with SEND children


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