Sozo Advanced Training


By Dawna De Silva, Teresa Liebscher

The Advanced Sozo teaching builds upon the Basic Sozo teachings and is meant to be a powerful resource for the furthering of your own deliverance/inner healing ministry.

Available as: DVD & Training Manual



The Advanced Sozo teaching draws from years of deliverance that Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher have progressed through. This set builds upon the Basic Sozo teachings and is meant to be a powerful resource for the furthering of your own deliverance/inner healing ministry.

New Resources Include: Healing post-traumatic stress, dealing with early childhood beliefs, breaking free of curses and familiar spirits, prophetic deliverance and ministering to disassociative individuals. An added benefit of the advanced series is the Shabar Ministry tools which are included.


Disc 1: Review of Basic Sozo Tools, Divine Editing & Triggering Mechanisms Disc 2: Prophetic Sozo Disc 3: Prophetic Deliverance & Demo Disc 4: Breaking Curses Disc 5: Financial Sozo Disc 6: Shabar Intro Disc 7: Shabar Q&A Disc 8: Shabar Demo

This training is best absorbed when used with the Sozo Advanced Training Manual.

Number of DVDs in set: 8

*If group training, we suggest DVDs for best learning environment.



* Newly Revised (3rd) Edition*
By Dawna De Silva & Teresa Liebscher

Manual for the advanced training of the Sozo inner healing ministry.

This manual is best for use alongside the DVDs and CDs and not independently of them.

This newly revised third edition for the Sozo Advanced Training Manual, includes a new section on the place of the Prophetic and another on Body Work as well as updates and tweaks to most sections.

The previous (second) edition had a REVISED EDITION black stripe on the front cover but does not have these new sections & latest updates.
It included revisions in the Shabar part of the manual. The Track 2 and 3 sections have new information and added information that clarifies the process. Teresa Liebscher has added some information to the Integration Section and a section for information on how to provide support afterwards. The booklet “Life after Integration” will also be helpful in this regard.

If you are working with an Advanced Manual without that stripe – then yours is an original first edition, but very much out of date.

About Dawna De Silva

Dawna De Silva is the founder and co-leader of the International Healing and Deliverance Sozo Ministry birthed at Bethel Church. Whether training Sozo, shifting atmospheres, or ministering prophetically, she releases people, churches, and cities into new vision and freedom. No matter how traumatic the wounding, Dawna ministers with authority and gentleness, imparting hope and healing.

About Teresa Liebscher

Teresa Liebscher founded and has led the Shabar Ministry of Bethel Church since 2002. She is now offering training for the Shabar ministry. Teresa is a leader of the Transformation Center at Bethel, and has been a teacher of the Sozo Ministry since 1997. She has been traveling and teaching Sozo Basic and Sozo Advanced seminars since 1998, and has recently been on the teaching team for Children’s Sozo. Her passion for connecting the body of Christ to Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit is an ever-increasing love of her life.


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