Can You Hear Me Now


By Faith Blatchford

Be enabled to discover blocks in hearing God’s voice and empowered to deal with them.

Available as: CD



Does Father God want to talk with you? Faith lays down a foundation for His desire to to be in constant communion with you and biblically establishes the case. This teaching enables you to discover blocks in your hearing and empowers you to deal with them. You will learn how to increase your ability to hear God and go to the next level in your personal relationship with Him and in your ministry to others.
Number of CDs : 1

*This teaching is also available in the Bethel Advanced Sozo Training series.


About Faith Blatchford

Faith Blatchford, founder and president of Age To Come is a writer, composer and speaker. Whether through her music CDs, books, teaching, pastoral counseling or prophetic ministry, her intent is to facilitate encounters with the presence of God. She graduated with a B.A. degree from Vassar College and is also a graduate of BSSW and BSSM. As a regional director of Bethel Sozo, she serves as a counselor at Bethel Church Transformation Center and is part of the Bethel Activation Ministry team.


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