Shabar is a ministry to individuals who have continued to have inner healing ministry and yet cannot hold on to their healing.

The ministry is founded by Teresa Liebscher who overseas the ministry globally – Shabar Ministry.

This ministry is not a first grab tool but is a tool to use toward the end of the inner healing process. The Shabar ministry was launched in 2006.


More about Shabar

Shabar is a Hebrew word meaning “broken-hearted” from Isaiah 61:1 and can also be translated “shattered”.

“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, because the Lord has anointed Me to preach good tidings to the poor; He has sent me to heal the “brokenhearted,” to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound.” Isaiah 61:1 (NKJ)

The vision of Shabar is integration. The aim is to meet the needs of individuals in order to give them hope, information, or sometimes simply peace. 

Shabar is a ministry aimed at individuals who deal with inner chaos, conflict or struggle and individuals who feel shattered, broken to pieces inside or who struggle to hold onto healing.

The Shabar ministry can also be effective with people who have defensive mechanisms or strong walls.

Where you can find Shabar ministry in the UK

Liz Gregg – Celebrate Church, Bradford: Contact via email

Alison Lennie – Scotland: Contact via email

Ruth Martin – Scotland: Contact via email

Michelle Foster – Christ Church, Stannington Sheffield Contact via email

This is a testimony of a person who experienced the Shabar ministry.

I have received ministry for two broken ‘places’ about 8 years ago. But, the incidents connected to those broken parts were still painful and scary for me. So, on the way home from your Shabar training, my ministry partner and best friend and I did Shabar ministry with those two parts. It was amazing – and I’ve seen LOTS of good, effective prayer ministry. This was beyond my expectations.

It became apparent that these parts, deeply buried, carried the actual memories of the events where these deep wounds occurred. When I allowed myself (which wasn’t often) to remember the events, they were vivid and painful. I remembered in too much detail. The tone of voice. The actual words spoken. How my body felt. I avoided recollections of the events because I knew that a flashback-like experience would accompany those memories. I forgave, again and again, in an effort to find healing for those memories.

The most significant thing that happened is that now, after Shabar ministry, the memories themselves have changed. I still remember the events, but now, the memories are ‘softer’ The jagged details seem far away. Not dangerous. I still know how I felt and what was said but I don’t re-experience those sensations and emotions anymore. When Father took those parts of me, He created a boundary of protection between me and the memories