Online Sozo

Interest in Sozo online grew during Covid related restrictions. Now those restrictions are behind us, we have found that many people prefer to have their Sozo session On-Line using Apps such as Zoom, Skype, Facetime and Teams. There can be benefits to the familiarity of being in your own home and also not having to travel.

Sozo On-Line not only brings some advantages – it will also need some additional considerations.

  • We will use the same supporting documentation, obviously this would be done electronically.

The person receiving the Sozo session will find it works better if observing these protocols;

  • Be in a private place where;
    • interruptions and distractions don’t “get in the way”
    • children and pets will be best being looked after by someone else
    • you cannot be overheard
  • Switch off other devices – such as your phone
  • Have a drink of water
  • Have a box of tissues – just in case

Using the App

As well as the guest & person conducting the session, there will be a “second” on line visible but on mute.

Chat is not always private – we advise that the “second” does not use chat which can been seen & saved by the guest.

The “Second” can message the “First” using another device.

If the internet connection is poor it will be best to reschedule for another “off peak” time.

We do not record or save Sozo sessions

How to Book an Online Sozo

This is a list of church teams offering Sozo Sessions On-Line. You are free to contact any one of your choosing

  • Lisa Wickham
    • New Life Church, Tunbridge Wells
    • Email
  • Lori Arnott-Lawlor
    • Harvest Church, Birmingham
    • Email
  • Northern Ireland
    • covered by Life Church, Bath
    • Email

  • Ann Wolf
    • Adore Church, Birmingham
    • Email
  • Liz Gregg
  • Priscilla Smith
    • St. John the Baptist, Healaugh, North Yorkshire
    • Email
  • Elaine Richard
    • Eastgate Church, Northfleet
    • Email
  • Jacqui Johnson
    • New Life Church, Northampton
    • Email
  • Michelle Foster
    • St. Philip’s Christchurch Stannington
    • Email
  • Irvin & Sue Allen

We pray the favour of Heaven for you as you deepen your freedom and connection with your Heavenly Father, Jesus & Holy Spirit