Online Sozo

Have you considered having a Sozo session by Skype / Zoom / Facetime etc.

Many church teams have been doing Sozo sessions online for some time and interest in these has grown significantly recently many people have been doing these for some time and feedback has been very positive.

Sozo sessions online bring some new things to consider in order to preserve the effectiveness of receiving a Sozo. We ask that online sozo sessions be conducted in accordance with the following guidelines;

  • Please continue to use the normal paperwork, but obviously electronically.
  • During a Sozo session, the guest needs to be in a private place where they cannot be overheard and will not be interrupted. This will include things like phone switched off,  no pets in the room and that someone is looking after any children. We ask that the Sozo session not take place until that can be arranged.
  • If the internet connection is unstable this can create frustration as well as making it difficult to get continuity. It will be apparent early on in the session if poor internet is adversely affecting the session. If it is, please understand that it will be best to reschedule for a better time or place or arrange a face to face session.
  • Having a “Second” on the session continues to be a core value and most Apps make this possible.

By all means ask your existing Sozo team contacts or contact one of the following list of people who are known to be offering Sozo sessions on-line

  • Sheila Burton
    • Lighthouse Family Church, Nr Poole
    • Email
  • Lisa Wickham
    • New Life Church, Tunbridge Wells
    • Email
  • Clare Suffield
  • Lori Arnott-Lawlor
    • Harvest Church, Birmingham
    • Email
  • Helen Balfour
    • Christchurch, Peckham, London
    • Email
  • Lynn & Alan Harris
    • Jubilee Church, Croydon
    • Email

  • Ann Wolf
  • Liz Gregg
  • Priscilla Smith
    • St. John the Baptist, Healaugh, North Yorkshire
    • Email
  • Donna King
    • Eastgate Church, Gravesend
    • Email
  • Jacqui Johnson
    • Kingdom Life Church, Northampton
    • Email
  • Michelle Foster
    • St. Philip’s Christchurch Stannington
    • Email
  • Anita Churchward
    • Southend Christian Fellowship
    • Email
  • Irvin & Sue Allen

We pray the favour of Heaven for you as you deepen your freedom and connection with your Heavenly Father, Jesus & Holy Spirit