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Bethel Sozo UK Post Prayer Suggestions

Designed to be offered to guests at the end of their Sozo session, this small booklet will serve them well as they walk into their new found freedom. It contains the “16 Principles for Freedom”, found in the Basic manual, as well as the renowned “Father’s Love Letter”. The back page has a number of scriptures that speak to their Identity – Security – Significance. Thanks to Lisa Wickham for pioneering this booklet.

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Forgiveness Sheet

Forgiveness is foundational to Sozo.

This PDF sheet is best used by sending it to your sozo client before they attend for their Sozo.

We recommend using it “as is”.

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Example Ministry Application

This Word document is offered as a suggested template for clients to book a sozo session and can be personalised to your own church requirements.

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Example Liability Release Form

We strongly recommend that you ask your sozo client to agree and sign this liability release form.

This is a Word document so that you can personalise it to your own church requirements.

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Father Ladder

This handout offers scriptures that speak to God’s Fathering of us, Jesus as one who dwelt among us and His commitment to us, Holy Spirit as our comforter and helper.

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Soul Ties

While this phrase is well understood in many inner healing and counselling settings it is by no means common to all churches in the UK.

This document explains that, while the term Soul Ties is not found in scripture, the concepts that it is intended to communicate are widely understood.

It finishes with an explanation of how unhealthy soul ties are dealt with in a Sozo session.

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Love Languages

The Five Love Languages is a widely acclaimed book by Gary Chapman.

In it he explains how different people “speak” different Love Languages, we are not all the same in how we experience feeling loved.

While this is not a Sozo “tool”, it will help you to understand why not everyone experiences an event the same way.

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Generational issues

Especially effective when dealing with unhealthy family “traits” and learned behaviours patters.

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Renouncing Partnering

People should repent of their sin. Occasionally there are long standing behaviours, mindsets & emotions that have become so ingrained that they have become like a “partner” that has shaped their life choices & behaviours. In such situations, renouncing should follow repentance.

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Working With People’s Memories

Bethel Sozo doesn’t “go after” healing of the memories or repressed memories. If a memory comes up then we will have a tool to deal with it, but we don’t go looking for them.

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Freemasonry Prayer

This covers Generational issues, anything that comes down through the family line. Freemasonry is a “spirit” that can affect people down through the generations & across extended families. This prayer of freedom when prophetically “acted out” proves very powerful.

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Courtroom Prayer

This prayer is effective with more deeply rooted issues. It is very effective when dealing with Generational issues that refuse to “shift” and when dealing with Freemasonry.

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Bethel Sozo UK Logo

The Bethel Sozo UK logo can be downloaded in a number of formats. It can be used on your own church website, literature and elsewhere when introducing and explaining the Bethel Sozo UK ministry. The logo is available in JPEG and PNG at 72 DPI for web and EPS at 300 DPI for print.