How does Bethel Sozo work in the UK?

This document explains in detail how Sozo is organised and operates in the UK.

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How to host a Sozo training event

This very practical document gives you the details you need to consider and arrange if you want to host a Sozo Training event

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Information Days

Information days, typically with a church  group  & leadership that is interested in setting up a Sozo team and wants to better understand the ministry before getting involved in a full training. Typically these last 2 – 3 hours with good opportunity for questions & discussion.

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Mentoring Days

Mentoring days are an excellent opportunity for church teams to “refresh” their Sozo understanding and accelerate their Sozo learning. The days are highly participative with loads of practice in a safe environment.

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Sample Forgiveness Sheet

Forgiveness is foundational to Sozo.

This PDF sheet is best used by sending it to your sozo client before they attend for their Sozo.

We recommend using it “as is”.

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Sample Ministry Application

This Word document is offered as a suggested template for clients to book a sozo session and can be personalised to your own church requirements.

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Sample Liability Release Form

We strongly recommend that you ask your sozo client to agree and sign this liability release form.

This is a Word document so that you can personalise it to your own church requirements.

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Optional Feedback form

We believe it is Best Practice to ask Sozo clients for feedback on their Sozo experience.

We think this is healthy not only for the clients but also supports the development of Sozo team members and promotes the maturity of your ministry.

We offer this document as a suggested template for inviting feedback. You are free to tailor it to your local requirements.

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Father Ladder

This handout offers scriptures that speak to God’s Fathering of us, Jesus as one who dwelt among us and His commitment to us, Holy Spirit as our comforter and helper.

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Soul Ties

While this phrase is well understood in many inner healing and counselling settings it is by no means common to all churches in the UK.

This document explains that, while the term Soul Ties is not found in scripture, the concepts that it is intended to communicate are widely understood.

Soul Ties can be best understood as “unhealthy connections, typically with other people.

It explains that there are both healthy and unhealthy Soul Ties, describing some of the features and consequences / benefits of each.

It finishes with an explanation of how unhealthy soul ties are dealt with in a Sozo session.

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Love Languages

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Love Language Test

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LGBT in a Sozo context

We have been asked “what is Bethel Sozo UK’s policy on Sozo for the LGBT community”.

This document explains why we do not have a BSUK policy and do not feel the need to publish one.

The Sozo guest / client is the one who has a conversation with the Godhead and, as with all other matters, we only go where that conversation takes them.

Different churches may have different theologies or practices and their position on LGBT would be pursued through their teaching, pastoring and counselling ministries.

A sozo session is not the place for the “minister” to determine the agenda.

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Bethel Sozo UK Logo

The Bethel Sozo UK logo can be downloaded in a number of formats. It can be used on your own church website, literature and elsewhere when introducing and explaining the Bethel Sozo UK ministry. The logo is available in JPEG and PNG at 72 DPI for web and EPS at 300 DPI for print.