Financial Sozo

Financial Sozos are individual sessions that focus on breaking unhealthy financial cycles and beliefs related to money, work through questions of purpose or identity, identify root causes of being stuck financially, and help dreamers create realistic plans for achieving those dreams.

Financial sozo can help individuals, couples, groups, business and churches.

In order to train in financial sozo you need to be :-

  • Basic and advanced trained
  • Do the Kingdom Finances training* or the prosperous soul training either live or by DVD
  • Have a financial sozo
  • Attend a financial sozo mentoring day or be mentored by Liz or Nick
  • Be observed doing two financial sozo’s by a team leader trained in financial sozo

If you are interested in either having a financial sozo or being trained in financial sozo then visit the financial sozo website for more details and information.

* Kingdom Finances was written specifically for the UK and Europe. It helps people look at the roots of financial issues and is the course recommended for all to do before training to do Financial Sozo’s.

Liz Gregg is the UK financial Sozo director.  Liz, a trained counsellor, church leader and director/ founder of Celebrate School of Supernatural Ministry, lives to see people step into the fulness of their identity in Christ. She does this through running a supernatural school, hosting and speaking at conferences alongside sozo ministry. Born and brought up in the North of England she enjoys walking whether by the sea or in the mountains. Liz is the UK financial sozo director as well as being one of the founders of Sozo for Couples. She trains basic, advanced, financial sozo and Sozo for Couples. Liz has co authored a number of books including Kingdom finances with Nick.  Her other books are Starting Out: preparing for marriage, Going deeper: a devotional for married couples and the Sozo for Couples manual.

Nick Nicholson

Nick Nicholson is the Financial Sozo UK Deputy Director. He has worked in business for many years and is now running his own ministry called Lovers and Leaders ( with a focus on encouraging and equipping entrepreneurs and bringing freedom from financial issues. Nick has written a book for business entrepreneurs – Risk, Rewards and Values: the character of the Kingdom Entrepreneur, and co-authored the Kingdom Finances book with Liz. Originally from the West Midlands and now living in Northamptonshire, he enjoys walking, being with his family, and drinking good coffee.

To learn more about Financial Sozo, Kingdom Finances and purchase the manual, please visit the Financial Sozo website.


Where you can find Financial Sozo ministry in the UK

Liz Gregg – Celebrate Church, Bradford Contact via email

Nick Nicholson – Northampton  Contact via email

Darrell Cocup – Life church, Bath Contact via email

Michelle Foster – Christ Church, Stannington Sheffield Contact via email