While the Bethel Sozo UK Leadership team are very happy to support church teams there are just too many !

We partner with some of the most experienced Sozo church teams & leaders to support other churches.

We call these wonderful people Facilitators. Bethel Sozo Facilitators are appointed by the UK National Facilitators with the agreement of their church leadership

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What do Bethel Sozo Facilitators do?  

  • Bethel Sozo Facilitators will already be leading a Sozo team in a church (we call these churches “Resource Churches”)
  • Remain responsible for their own Sozo team.   
  • Maintain contact with the UK National Facilitators to ensure understanding & practice stays up to date.  
  • Represent and promote Bethel Sozo UK, upholding the values and best practice  
  • Liaise with the senior leadership of churches they are working with to develop their church Sozo teams
  • Maintain contact and provide support and information to team leaders who relate to them
  • Arrange 2 or 3 group meetings a year for the Bethel Sozo team leaders who relate to them
  • From time to time Bethel Sozo Facilitators will observe Sozo team leaders to ensure that their understanding & use of the Sozo tools continues to reflect the Bethel Sozo model. This will also give the opportunity for Facilitators & team leaders to learn from one another.

If you are interested in exploring the Sozo ministry get in touch with a Facilitator at a Resource church. Someone local might be easiest, but you are free to work with any UK facilitator that you wish.

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