Want a Personal Sozo in Scotland?

If you would like a personal Sozo, please click on one of the pins on the map below, to select the church where you want to receive your Sozo ministry. Then click ‘More details’, to visit the church website and phone or email them to book your Sozo. Any church will be able to offer you a personal Sozo.

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Need Bethel Sozo Team Training and Mentoring in Scotland?

If you are interested in being trained in Sozo Ministry personally or as a team, or wish to discuss anything with a Coordinator in Scotland, please find their details below.

Director for Scotland

Bethel Sozo Regional Facilitator for Scotland

Alison Lennie

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Alison Lennie is the Bethel Sozo Regional Facilitator for Scotland.   She is married to Stuart and has two children and two grandchildren.

Alison, now retired has worked in the Christian sector for 35 years. Her heart has been to see people healed both physically and emotionally and freed to be all that they were created to be in Christ. 

Trained in Christian Counselling she has been using a variety of counselling and discipleship methods to draw people deeper into relationship with Christ.  In March 2008 whilst attending the School of Transformation at Bethel Church Redding California, she was introduced to Sozo.  Although the basic principles of what was taught weren’t new to her, the tool belt given by Sozo and the speed at which it worked so impressed her that she went back to Scotland and started building a Sozo Team. 

Alison worships at the Moodiesburn Church of Scotland  in Glasgow.  She runs Basic Sozo Training Courses and teams are now developing in other areas of Scotland.  Her vision is to have a Sozo Team in every region of Scotland.

Joint Regional Co-ordinator Highlands & Islands

Diana Turner

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Diana was born and raised in Hong Kong. In 1976 she married Leslie and they have one grown up daughter.

The move in 1978 to Inverness enabled Diana to pursue her creativity in sugar craft and cake decorating. An Alpha course in 2000 radically changed her life and she was propelled into exploring Christian healing.

She worships at Kings Inverness and under their missions’ umbrella has led teams on Healing on the Streets and on prophetic outreaches. She has a passion for people to taste and see that the Lord is good and to experience His love through healing (body, mind & spirit).

She attended Dawna & Teresa’s Sozo training course at the 2010 CLAN Gathering Conference. 2013 saw the establishment of Sozo teams in Inverness. She leads Sozo teams and is part of the training and mentoring team in Scotland. It’s a privilege and honour to see individuals experience freedom and become closer connected with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit resulting in transformed lives and transformed communities.

Joint Regional Co-ordinator Highlands & Islands

Ruth Martin

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Ruth’s desire is to see people come into a deep relationship with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Thus, released to walk in freedom and to attain the destiny that God intends for them. Ruth was born in Northern Ireland, from a family involved in healing through God and medicine. She trained as a nurse, worked in Africa and then a district nurse , midwife and health visitor in Scotland. She is married with two grown up children and one granddaughter.

She is an elder in the Church of Scotland and helps with a vulnerable group of people. Her Sozo partner Diana Turner discovered Sozo at a CLAN Gathering and brought it to Inverness where Ruth joined her. They also attended training with Dawna & Teresa in Glasgow. Using Sozo tools shows what an amazing and wonderful God we have.