Children’s Sozo

Jesus said “Let the children come to me!” Sozo for children gives them the opportunity, space and time to connect and encounter Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit in an incredible way.

Children’s Sozo has been adapted so that every child will be able to connect to The Godhead with a facilitator, who will relate to them appropriate to their age and stage.

Children’s Sozo is for any child or teenager who wants to get connected in a deeper way with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit by removing fears, anxieties or blockages that are stopping the child from living in the fullness that Jesus has for them.

Children’s Sozo is an amazing ministry for parents and children, so you can live in all that Father God has purposed for you as a family.

For a Children’s Sozo we ask that you consider the following:

  • Is the child willing to have a Sozo?
  • A Parent needs to have had a Sozo before we will give a child a Sozo
  • The age of the child will determine how long the Sozo session will be
  • A Sozo can be done with the parent on behalf of the child if the child is too young to participate
  • Allow the child to decide if they want their parent present in the Sozo or not. Respect and honour the child’s decision
  • A Parent will need to consider if they are willing to walk out their child’s truth with them.

For Sozo teams interested in offering & conducting Children’s Sozo we ask that you contact Tandy Ruoff, who is our “Go To” person for Children’s Sozo in the UK – Tandy will need to know that you have:

  • Let your facilitator know that you are embarking on Children’s Sozo
  • Been an experienced first for at least 6 months
  • Have listened to the Children’s Sozo CD or DVD as well as working the through Children’s manual
  • Attended a live Children’s Sozo training
  • Have a clear enhanced CRB or DBS
  • Ensure your church pastor is supportive of your church doing Children’s Sozo
  • Check your child protection policy as a church and that Children’s Sozo will be covered in it.

If all the other requirements have been met, ask your facilitator to email a letter of confirmation to Tandy so that she can keep connected with your team offering Children’s Sozo.

When your church leader and the “regional” or “relational” facilitator feels you have met all the criteria and you would like to be released to do children’s Sozo there are then two options.

Either you can

  • arrange to come to watch Tandy do a children’s Sozo during which she will give you an opportunity to ask questions and be observed using tools.

or you can

  • Contact a person who has been released in children’s Sozo and is approved to watch or observe you do a children’s Sozo.

Tandy will be able to let you know who is the person closest too you location wise.

Tandy Ruoff is married to Mark, a mother of four and author of “Encountering God with your senses.” She has been involved in Sozo ministry, leading a team, mentoring and is now facilitator for Children’s Sozo UK. Tandy has been involved in children’s ministry for 20 years and is passionate for children to know from a young age that Father God is a good God. That He alone is powerful and that every child has access to the heavenly realms to encounter and experience the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Tandy and Mark have been in full time Christian ministry for 13 years, leading in many aspects of church life. They have a heart for the prophetic, for freedom and to see each person fulfil their God given destiny.

Where you can find Choldren’s Sozo in the UK

Liz Gregg – Celebrate Church, Bradford: Contact via email

Sue Davis – Beacon House of Prayer, Stoke on Trent: Contact via email


Children’s Sozo by Sue Elliot

Sue Elliott creatively adapts the adult Sozo tools into simple vocabulary and imagery in order to easily minister to children.