Art Sozo

Gail Spooner developed Art Sozo and has delivered several Training events in the UK. 

Sozo Art Training

Art Sozo Training is now available online – for more details see Art Sozo Trainings

Sozo Art Workshops.

People who have attended a Sozo Art Training program run by Gail Spooner are free to run Art Sozo workshops. As part of your training & preparation for running an Art Sozo workshop we ask that, before doing so, you have;

  • Attended a Basic Sozo training course – readily available in the UK
  • Attended a Sozo Art Training run by Gail Spooner
  • Serve on a Sozo ministry team, as a released “First”
  • The agreement of your own church leadership for you to run Art Sozo workshops.

Gail is also offering Art Sozo workshops online – for more details see Art Sozo Workshops

Gail’s manual (essential for the Training) on Art Sozo is available from the Art Sozo website