Art Sozo

Gail Spooner developed Art Sozo and has delivered several Training events in the UK. 

Sozo Art Training

Gail is working towards commissioning someone in the UK todeliver these Training days. Until that has happened, if your church isinterested in hosting a visit by Gail (who lives in California) you can reach her via the Art Sozo website

Sozo Art Workshops.

People who have attended a Sozo Art Training program run by Gail Spooner are free to run Art Sozo workshops. As part of your training & preparation for running an Art Sozo workshop we ask that, before doing so, you have;

  • Attended a Basic Sozo training course – readily available in the UK
  • Attended a Sozo Art Training run by Gail Spooner
  • Serve on a Sozo ministry team, as a released “First”
  • The agreement of your own church leadership for you to run Art Sozo workshops.

Gail’s manual (essential for the Training) on Art Sozo is available from the Art Sozo website